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[Project 1] Moroccan Sisterhood

« Moroccan sisterhood is an ode to our roots and an impactful reminder of the strong ties that moroccan women hold in fashion, culture and feminism.

For us, la femme marocaine is elegant, full of charisma, mysterious, intelligent and funny, making us very thoughtful when it comes to enlarging our social circle. That’s why when a moroccan women meets another one, it does not feel like befriending someone. It rather feels like meeting a sister from another mother »

Ichrâf B., Founder IC MEDIAS & VISUALS

Photographe : Ichrâf

DA et Set Design : Ichrâf, Omaïma

Stylisme : Ichrâf, Omaïma

Chargée de production : Omaïma

Modèles : Nouhayla, Marie, Nada

Make-up : Imane