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Magazine or Social Media : same battle.

If you want to have the best of pictures for magazines or Social Medias, you need to take this seriously. Like, very seriously.

Magazines and Social Medias are the perfect tools to catch attention by providing people a meaningful mise-en-scène of your product. Your Instagram feed is your magazine. Your online magazine is your Instagram feed. Nowadays, consumers don’t bother anymore to look for your internet page before even checking your instagram page. That’s why you need to be particularly precise with your art direction and your editorial line. And, that, we can help you with it.

With IC Medias & Visuals, we create and give you guidelines on how to work on your art direction and your editorial line for your social medias. Wanna have an iconic insta page with a luxurious and ethereal vibe ? Well, we roll with it ! Wanna have a very conscious and impactful editorial line ? We can’t wait to work with you !

Either way, you will have to choose a photographer who has an eye on how to make your product very desirable.

And we’re very excited for you to meet our photographer.